Timber Preservation and Damp Proofing Edinburgh & Fife

Timber preservations such as wood-rotting fungi and woodworm cause damage to untreated timber in buildings.
This can be at risk leading to substantial costs for repair and refurbishment.
There are a wide range of chemical preservatives available that impregnate the wood cells, making them more durable and resistant to decay and even fire.

There are three problems that are likely to affect timber, which are woodworm, dry rot and wet rot.


A process that drives the protective chemicals and the solvent, which is the vehicle that carries the preservatives, into the timber under pressure, applies the most common preservative treatments.

Boron Salts

Boron provides effective protection against attach by woodborers. This is particularly effective in protecting the sapwood of susceptible hardwoods from Lyctus powder post beetles.

Alkaline copper quat (ACQ)

ACQ contains copper and a quatemary ammonium compound. This protects against decay fungi and insects. This can be painted when dry.

Copper Azole

Copper azole is an arsenic-free preservative treatment that can be used in water-borne pressure treatment processes. It is odourless and can be stained when finished.

Copper, Chromium and arscenic salts (CCA)

CCA is a mixture of water and salts that are pressured into timber. The wood is protected against woodborers by the arsenic component; against fungal degradation by the copper component, while the chromium component chemically locks the element into the timber.

Creosote and pigment emulsified creosote (PEC)

PEC are oil-borne preservatives that can be painted onto timber surfaces. They are not odourless due their volatile components, so they are only suitable for internal or industrial applications.

Light organic solvent-borne preservative (LOSP)

A light organic solvent can be used to take preservative chemicals into the timber. Most LOSP contain fungicide, insecticide and wax to give the surface water repellent properties.

Timber treated by LOSP does not swell and is unchanged in appearance which makes it appropriate treatment for appearance or quality applications, such as external joinery.

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